Priorities in Breeding:

Temperament, Health, Intelligence, Working Ability, and Beauty!!!!

When deciding to breed a litter, I look first at temperament…the majority of our pups go to families. Parents, grandparents, great grandparents…etc., have to have very good health and hips.

I think beyond good temperament and working ability, a dog should be intelligent. I want a “thinking dog” who’s capable of assessing a situation to make a sound decision…for example, when it’s appropriate to react to stress and when it is not (titles can never prove this).

A dog being considered for breeding should have working ability…not just in his background, but also in him! A dog can’t work effectively if he’s got any issue with temperament, structure, overall health, intelligence or conformation. Beauty is the last consideration.

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Thank you for supporting responsible, ethical breeding.  Expect no less.  Accept no less.