Welcome to Select Shepherds LLC’s website, home of fine European German Shepherd dogs.  Our priorities are Temperament, Health, Intelligence, Working Ability and Beauty!

Our passionate goal is to provide you and your family with a healthy, good tempered, family-loving companion. Selecting worthy breeding stock coupled with early socialization and solid upbringing are the keys in helping us create a lifetime of love and enjoyment for you with your new pup or dog. Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact us!

Puppies from previous litters are enjoying excellent health, and are performing a variety of roles: agility, estate and family protection, obedience, police K9s, scent work, search and rescue, therapy/service, tracking, as well as sound family companions.

Visitors by appointment and questions via email or phone, are encouraged.

Thank you for supporting responsible, ethical breeding.  Expect no less.  Accept no less.

Select Shepherds LLC
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“ Zwinger von der Hainstadt”

AKC German Shepherd puppies, young adults, stud service, custom importing (since 1994) and rescue dogs (since 1984).