Deposits are not refundable. If you make a deposit and your pup isn’t born in your litter of choice, you may transfer your deposit to an available pup in a different litter. 100% of your deposit may be transferred. Prices for different litters can vary.
Deposits are 1/2 the total cost of the dog.
We reserve the right to hold pups longer than the anticipated take home day if there is a delay in the weaning process or if we feel there is any reason your pup won’t absolutely thrive when going to their new home. Puppies NEVER leave before 8 weeks of age. Don’t ask.
We do our very best to ensure your experience in getting a new pup is a smooth, stress free experience. We’re very available for questions long after your pup leaves us. If you have a question a week after take home, or 10 years after take home, we’re here to help. We look forward to working with you and hope for a long relationship, sharing your joys in owning a Select Shepherd.
Yearly health and training updates are contractually requested. We care about your dog’s long term well being.
We offer lifetime support and lifetime return policy. No refunds or reimbursement of veterinary fees.
Thank you for supporting responsible, ethical breeding.  Expect no less.  Accept no less.